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[中国 – Çince] Dünya Medyasında Oktan Keleş Ve Beyaz Piramitler

[中国 – Çince] Dünya Medyasında Oktan Keleş Ve Beyaz Piramitler


Çin’deki bir forumda Oktan Keleş’in Çin’deki Beyaz Piramitler üzerine yapmış olduğu araştırma üzerine forum üyelerinin yapmış olduğu yazışmalar;



@TheTarihci, you are a living, breathing joke. It is well-documented that these pyramids are in fact tumulus mounds built for? the Chinese Qin and Han emperors. We’ve already excavated a few of them, such as Emperor Jing’s 2nd-century BC tomb near Xian, which was once the capital of ancient China. My friend Paul Gerard made a tourist trip there just last summer, took pictures of the miniature Chinese pottery army buried there in the tomb. So please, spare me the BS.


Keles, who entered a tomb room in the historical structure under the guidance of a local Chinese man, said that he saw “wolf head” figures on a rock, as well as a 3-meter “horned head” statue made of granite which had “crescent and star” carvings. “The Chinese guide told me that the statue represented ancient Turkish leader Oguz Kaan,” Keles? noted.


Speaking to A.A, Oktan Keles, a Turkish researcher carrying out studies on the pyramids for some time, said that the ancient mausoleums were of great importance for? Turkish history, besides, they had the potential to change the established approaches. “Once the materials inside the pyramids are examined by experts, history could be re-written,” Keles said. Keles claimed that several symbols, statues and tablets inside the pyramids might belong to ancient Turks.

China knows very well that Turkish culture is stronger and older as Chinese culture and all these territories belong historically to Turks. You know, China Wall was also built against Turks. The pyramides in Egypt and America are copies of these pyramides because Turkish pyramides were the first and oldest ones. Most probably Turkish? tribes brought the pyramides and civilization to Egypt and America. Therefore we can say that history begins with Turks …

突厥部族建造了此类土耳其金字塔。突厥为世界带来文明(不是灾难吗?)这些金字塔属于Uygur(不翻译,你知道的)人,他们至今生活在中国西部–(East Turkistan)(不翻译,你知道的)。中国试图隐瞒真相….(后面自己看,不翻译)。
These? are Turkish pyramides and were built by Turkic tribes. Turks are the nation that brought the civilization to the world. These pyramides belong to Uygur (Uyghur) Turks and they are still living under pressure in the west part of China (East Turkistan) . Therefore China is trying to hide this reality because all this area belongs to Turks, not to China. Therefore it is forbidden in China to investigate these pyramides.

these are ancient graves? of rich people or emperor families of Han Dynasty, about 1800yrs ago

Apparently and I can’t strictly prove this as it was a long time ago I read it, but some of the bigger pyramids of China were purposefully buried by soil and used to step farm, because the evidence in them showed Caucasian like people.
China didn’t want them to be noticed by flying recon planes of WWII, but one US pilot did when he was lost over China in WWII and it was the first pic taken of the Chinese Pyramids. Also? there are Sphinxes in the forbidden city.

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